Nutritional values and allergens

What matters, what the producer needs to know.

Nutrition and allergen information perfectly declared!

The nutritional values are part of the mandatory information on a package and must therefore be printed with a minimum size of 1.2 mm. In order to avoid different interpretations here, the height of the small x is taken as the reference value for the entire statement. All information must be given in words and figures and can only be additionally clarified by pictograms and symbols.

Only products that consist of a single ingredient such as fruit, herbs, spices, salts, gelatin, chewing gum, flavors, yeast (among others) are exempt from nutritional labelling. In addition, nutrition labelling is not required for packaging with a maximum surface area of less than 25 cm. At least 7 nutritional values must be listed, the so-called BIG 7, which are energy, fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugar, protein and salt. In addition, mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, alcohols, starch, dietary fibers and vitamins and minerals can also be listed. Further information must not be mentioned in connection with nutritional values.

The nutritional value table must contain the information per 100 g/ml, optionally the information can be printed additionally per portion. The portion size, however, can be determined by the producer himself. If certain nutritional values are to be repeated for marketing reasons, either only the calorific values or the calorific values, sugar, total fatty acids and salt per 100 g/ml can be listed. The repetition must be within the consumer's field of vision, i.e. usually on the front of the packaging. Furthermore, the GDA value (2,000 kcal per person and day) can be printed additionally.

Allergens also play an important role in the context of consumer safety, so allergens must be specially marked in the ingredient texts, e.g. in bold print, underlining, etc. This ensures that the consumer does not have to search for allergens hidden somewhere but finds them where all ingredients are listed. The consumer certainly appreciates the additional information on the label in the meantime and most producers have upgraded their machines to meet the new requirements.


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