Bioresorbable labels and packaging materials

Sustainable product packaging has gained a lot of interest in the last 2 years, especially in the food industry.

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Here you can read all the important and interesting facts about the food industry, packaging, labelling, weighing technology and digitalisation.


the communication interface for industry 4.0

A uniform interface for communication between machines

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Digitization made easy

Digitization in the workplace. The upgrade for everyday office life.

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Nutritional values and allergens

What matters, what the producer needs to know.

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10 ways to a sustainable workplace

Conservation of resources, sustainability and environmental awareness are increasingly becoming part of our everyday life. But how can this be reconciled with the workplace in the office?

10 small steps with great effect!


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Weighing technology and its directives in the European Union

Weighing technology is used in very many and very different areas of our daily life. The kitchen scale and the bathroom scale are probably the most common representatives of modern weighing technology in the private sphere.

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