Nutrition information at a glance with the Nutri-Score.

New guideline in the declaration of nutritional values.

Recognise the quality of food at a glance and and make shopping healthier? The Nutri-Score makes it possible. The new nutrition value labelling shows the quality of food products transparent and visible on the front of the package. Using a simple traffic light system, this score offers uncomplicated assistance in the daily selection of healthy food. Products of the same food category can be compared with each other very quickly.

Since 2014, nutrition labelling has been mandatory for packed food products in Germany and the entire EU. While regular nutrition tables list all important ingredients and nutritional values, they do not offer any real orientation when evaluating and comparing products. For a better understanding of this nutrition declaration, a descriptive supplement was therefore required. The nutri-score label is one option that gains continuously acceptance within Europe and overseas. Due to its simplicity for the consumer.

Although the use of the Nutri-Score is voluntary and not obligatory for food processors, the pressure from the supermarkets is growing, as this label enjoys a great positive response and a widespread implementation is desired. The application of this label to the front of the packaging represents an additional challenge and effort for food processors that must be accepted somehow. The most important thing here is the implementation in conformity with the guidelines of the brand owner.

How the Nutri-Score works

The Nutri-Score uses a five-point traffic light system from A to E to indicate the nutritional quality of a food product in the respective product category. This makes comparison easy. The energy content and the nutritionally positive and negative nutrient values are compared with each other and summarized in an A to E rating. Positive nutrition elements are, for example, nuts or fibres, while negative nutrition elements are sugar, salt or saturated fat acids. The colour-coded traffic light system simplifies orientation and direct comparison for the consumer.

Food producers can register for the use of the Nutri-Score voluntarily and free of charge and thereby commit themselves to label all products of their own portfolio with this label. The calculation of the Nutri-Score is clearly defined and calculates the sum of the positive and negative ingredients to a unique Nurti-Score value. The score is then printed on the front of the product in the form of the Nutri-Score label in colour or black / white, horizontally or vertically.

Calculation and implementation of the Nutri-Score

When launching the Nutri-Score, the brand owner - the French public health authority "Santé publique France" - developed clear guidelines on how to comply with the size of the Nutri-Score in relation to the pack format and the pack size. There are clear rules on how this value is to be printed in relation to the pack format and size and in an appropriate minimum size. In addition to the exact colour design and presentation of this score, the rules for the use on different backgrounds, the handling of white spaces around the Nutri-Score as well as the different printing options are also specified.

Though the Nutri-Score is a challenge for manufacturers in the food industry, the establishment of this new and simple food labelling can no longer be stopped. For the end customer, the Nutri-Score is the perfect tool to make healthier shopping at a glance.


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