Tailor made products require tailor made machine concepts at TED´s Food Factory

Das Produktsortiment von TED'S Food Factory wird oft zusammen mit den Kunden aus Metzgereien und Supermärkten entwickelt. Aber auch in ihrem Maschinenpark benötigt TED's maßgeschneiderte Lösungen. Deshalb haben sie sich bei ihrem Wiege- und Etikettiersystem für ein Full-Service-Konzept von ESPERA entschieden.

It is quarter past ten on Thursday morning when the first hot meal is tasted: a vegetarian mash with a crispy crust and pine nuts. "The mouthfeel is better now than it was yesterday", says Deborah Duijndam approvingly. She is commercial manager at TED'S Food Factory - in short 'TED'S'. The origins of the company lie in meat, but vegetarian products are now also being produced at TED´S. A logical step, says Duijndam: "We are always innovating. We apply the knowledge we have gained in the production of meat products to new markets."

From family farm business to TED´S Food Factory & Lab

The Story of TED´S began with a range of hams began that Ted Duijndam made in the 80's in the basement of the family farm. With his commercial spirit and handmade hams, he went to nearby shops. This was followed by the abattoir in The Hague and then his own factory Duijndam Vleeswaren, which was finally sold. In 2008, Ted Duijndam took over the Vollebregt factory in Zoetermeer, and renamed it TED'S Food Factory last year. The company also consists of TED'S Food Lab, where chefs, butchers, commercial and quality experts work together on product development, and TED'S Kitchen in Heerhugowaard, where meals and pizzas are made in collaboration with top chef Paul Fagel.

The perfect combination of craftsmanship and automation

In Zoetermeer, where approx. 50 people work, they still mainly produce meat products such as tender spareribs, hand-made meatloaf, crispy grill sausages and fresh salad flakes. In order to maintain the high level of craftsmanship, the production is carried out by TED´S own butchers working with flexible machines. "It is a factory process run by craftsmen," says Geert van de Weg, project manager for production. "For example, when the machine mixes the meat, our sausage makers monitor whether the correct binding is achieved. The sausage is then stuffed by hand."

Tailor made machine concept for ESPERA weighing & labelling line

TED´S is running a full-service contract on their ESPERA machine installations. The so-called 'full-service contract' means that ESPERA remains the owner of the machines and is responsible for second-line care. TED'S supervises the daily cleaning and minor maintenance of the machines. For a fixed price, TED's receives all service and spare parts plus the option to convert the machines to meet the changing requirements of the end customer. Van de Weg: "This concept is perfect for food manufacturers like us. Thanks to this construction, in which we leave specialist maintenance to ESPERA´s professionals, we are able to keep our focus on our core business, making good food.” Jan Zwaan, General Manager of ESPERA Netherlands adds: "The classic contracts focus on maintenance issues, where we often come into the picture when machines are already at a standstill. This contract is aimed at prevention and dialogue." This dialogue was sometimes even more necessary in the beginning, says Geert: "This was a new construction for both of them. There was a field of tension around the question of where exactly whose responsibility stops and that of the other starts. But that was always open to discussion. After two years we have found a good mode and we are very satisfied. That's why we now have two ESPERA weighing and labelling machines in TED'S Kitchen."



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