Fast and precise top and bottom labelling

ES 1210

Easy and flexible with low space requirement

ES 1210/ES 1220/ES 1221

Fast and precise top and bottom labelling

The fully automatic labelling system gets by with little floor space and offers a fast and precise labelling from the top, bottom or a combination of top and bottom. Thanks to specially designed conveyor belts and a unique V-groove, even round or oval products can be labelled easily. This labelling system offers a speed of 40 meters per minute.


  • Left-right / right-left
  • Installation kit for TTF printer
  • Pneumatic height adjustment for labelling of grown products or irregular product shapes
  • ES 1210: Labelling from the top
  • ES 1221: Labelling from the bottom
  • ES 1220: Labelling from the top and bottom


  • Labelling of various products and geometries
  • Compact and hygienic stainless steel design
  • Easy operation via color touch-display
  • Easy height and cross adjustment



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