Quality check at highest level


Camera-controlled product and package inspection for 100% quality control

Monitoring of label informations and checking packages is an important process step due to the constantly increasing automation in production plants. Without inspection solutions in the worst case scenario incorrectly labelled or damaged product packages result in expensive recalls and can have influence on the image of a retailer.

The camera-controlled ESPERA Vision System facilitates automatic inspection of packages and labels according to customer specific criteria - from top side of the packages as well as from the bottom side. The package itself as well as all label information, e.g. barcode contents, nutrition facts, best before dates, country of origin information and batch numbers are monitored for correctness.


  • Camera-controlled inspection from top and/or bottom
  • Product recognition for irregular packs and irregular label shapes
  • Various statistic data reporting
  • Network connectivity (system-independent)
  • Online remote service
  • Flexible definition of inspection features
  • Modular design



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